05.27.16 – HARK’s Exciting New Collaboration & New Release

Christy Gibson is a well-loved singer in Thailand known for her performances of Thailand’s traditional luktung and molaam folk styles of music. Christy, born in the Netherlands, moved to Thailand at the age of six. She assimilated rapidly into Thai culture and began her illustrious career in her early 20’s. She has become a household name in Thailand, regularly appears in commercials and TV programs, and performs at many charitable events. She is especially popular because of her mastery of complex Thai vocals and understanding of the Thai culture–an impressive and unique feat. She is perhaps the only Westerner in Thailand to perform at a native-Thai level of skill, and has recorded 10 albums for Sony, Wetee Thai, and other labels.

Christy Gibson sings a new first–in English–Rejoice! by Alfonso Gutiérrez

Words are from Scripture arranged by lyricist, Hannah Cudal.

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